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Guitarist - The Ultimate Guitar Collection

Guitarist Prints & Canvas Wall Art

From Guitarist, the world’s most highly respected guitar magazine, comes this unique collection of stunning guitar images. Featuring photographs of the world’s most iconic guitars – from vintage rarities to modern classics – there's something for every guitar aficionado to savor. Our collection includes historically important guitars used by famous players, such as Rory Gallagher’s ’61 Fender Stratocaster. You’re one step closer to owning a slice of guitar history.

Brand Spotlight
Getty Images

We’re proud to be a part of Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications. Our deep archival collections and expert curation keep Photos.com full of the iconic and modern images you love.

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Product Highlights
  • - Made with archival materials
  • - Ready-to-hang convenience
  • - Certificate of Autheticity included
  • - Made to order customizable prints
  • - Wide range of framing options
  • - Over 250,000 unique images
Curator Spotlight
Expertly curated

Our Getty Images curator is an expert art director who carefully hand selects photographs based on the latest trends, aesthetics, quality and creative concepts so you have plenty of options that fit your style.