The La's Live Rennes France Dec 1989

Photographer: Martyn Goodacre

Canvas [ ? ]

Paper [ ? ]

Aluminum [ ? ]

Acrylic [ ? ]

Birchwood [ ? ]

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Floater Frame

Traditional Canvas

Framed Print

Aluminum Floated

Acrylic w/ Standoffs


Aluminum Mounted

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Photographer Bio

Shooting for a host of magazines, newspapers, and record companies, Martyn Goodacre covered the musicians who shaped the 1990s with an archive that spans the full breadth of the decade, from guitar rock to dance to hip hop.

Hulton Archive

One of the world’s largest – and arguably greatest – photographic archives, “The Hulton” captures many of the world’s defining moments and personalities of the last two centuries. The vast and continually growing archive is unrivaled in its wealth imagery, covering of every aspect of mankind from the birth of photography to the present day in vivid detail. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, the unique to the every-day, the archive is a visual account of the human experience to date.

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