Moon Jellyfish in Inner Farne


Artist: Dan Kitwood

a Moon jellyfish swimming underwater of Inner Farne at The Farne Islands, England.

Canvas [ ? ]

Paper [ ? ]

Aluminum [ ? ]

Acrylic [ ? ]

Birchwood [ ? ]

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Floater Frame

Traditional Canvas

Framed Print

Aluminum Floated

Acrylic w/ Standoffs


Aluminum Mounted

Acrylic w/ U-Channel

Outer Size:

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a Moon jellyfish swimming underwater of Inner Farne at The Farne Islands, England.

Photographer Bio

Dan Kitwood began his photography career with South West News Service, a prestigious regional agency based in Bristol. After three years of interesting and eclectic assignments he was offered a staff position at Getty Images, and joined the team with five other UK news photographers. He’s based in London and covers news and features across the UK and around the world. His work has taken him to Dubai, South Africa, Nigeria, Benin, Tunisia and The Vatican, and his images have appeared in publications around the world, including the New York Times, National Geographic, Geo, Stern, Time, The Guardian and Newsweek.

Dan’s recent awards include Photo Essay winner at the UK Picture Editors Awards in 2011 the UK Picture Editors Awards News Photographer of the Year in 2012.


Getty Images News

Coverage of the biggest news events at home and around the world — whenever and wherever they happen. Every photograph tells a unique and remarkable story of an important moment in time that both informs and inspires us. It’s photojournalism at its best, and what makes it so good is the Getty Images staff photographers around the globe who are dedicated to documenting the important national and international issues we wouldn’t otherwise see. If it’s newsworthy, they’re there. Many are World Press Photo winners, some are Pulitzer Prize nominees and all of them are our eyes on the world.

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