Poolside Glamour


Artist: Slim Aarons

A desert house designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar J. Kaufmann, Palm Springs, California, January 1970. Lita Baron approaches, while in the foreground Nelda Linsk (right) wife of art dealer Joseph Linsk, is talking to her friend, Helen Dzo Dzo. (Photo by Slim Aarons/Getty Images)

Canvas [ ? ]

Paper [ ? ]

Aluminum [ ? ]

Acrylic [ ? ]

Birchwood [ ? ]

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Floater Frame

Traditional Canvas

Framed Print

Aluminum Floated

Acrylic w/ Standoffs


Aluminum Mounted

Acrylic w/ U-Channel

Outer Size:

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A Palm Springs house designed by renowned modernist Architect Richard Neutra for businessman Edgar. J Kaufmann, owner of Kauffmann's Department Stores. Actress Lita Baron approaches, while Nelda Linsk, wife of art dealer Joseph Linsk, talks to her friend, 60's model Helen Dzo Dzo. January 1, 1970

Photographer Bio

Slim Aarons ended his war service as a photographer for the US military magazine Yank with a deep distaste for war. His mission, he famously stated, was to photograph "attractive people who were doing attractive things in attractive places." Working for Holiday, LIFE, Venture and Town & Country he travelled the world, taking pictures of the rich and famous in American and European high society at play. He eschewed the documentary style of gritty black and white photography so favored by most of his contemporaries for sumptuous, rich Kodacolor to complement the sumptuous, rich, colorful lives of his subjects. From the boulevards of Hollywood to the beaches of Italy, and ski resorts of Europe, he accompanied the wealthy, the privileged and the talented into their villas and mansions, by their swimming pools and onto their yachts. It is a world of unprecedented luxury, power and beauty — and a party to which Slim was almost uniquely invited. Known for his positive portrayals, his presence at social gatherings became almost de rigeur. Through Slim’s imagery we can glimpse the Beautiful People, enjoying a lifestyle now all but lost — one of style, grace and the Dolce Vita of the 50s, 60s and 70s.